A Simple Way to Do Data Recovery

Nowadays, there are many devices to store your files. Hard drives, optical discs, USB drives, and Solid State Drive (SSD) are the most popular storage devices. Hard drives are installed inside the computer and features a variety of storage capacities to choose from while optical discs and USB drives are portable storage devices that you can carry everywhere with you. You can store tons of photos, music, videos, and even games into these devices. Although you can freely store anything you want, you must be aware that your files are not totally safe either. Your data might get corrupted or accidentally deleted. Data recovery is a process to recover or undelete your files in case if they are deleted or corrupted. Files can be corrupted by the viruses swarming in your computer. So how do you do the process of recovering your precious files? Here is a simple way to do it.

Download the specified tool

Advanced computer users might mess around with the computer systems but it has a high risk of breaking down the computer so average computer users might want a simpler and safer way. You can download the tool from the internet and use the tool to recover or undelete your file. This is by far the simplest way to do the recovery process. The most reliable tools are Puran File Recovery, Recuva, and CD Recovery Toolbox.

Puran File Recovery

This tool will scan any device that the windows can recognize. Puran is said to be able to detect more files than other tools so this might be your choice. It works with windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It is still unknown whether this tool will work with older versions of windows such as 98.


This tool is regarded as the best in the world. It can scan all storage devices such as memory cards, hard drives, and even iPod. Recuva is a very complete tool, featuring both recovering and undeleting files.

CD Recovery Toolbox

Unlike the other two, this tool is limited only to optical discs. The publisher claims that it can even recover files from broken discs. This tool works in windows 8, 7, and XP as well as older versions of windows such as 2000, and 98.

Those tools are great for what they are designed for. With those tools, data recovery process can be done without hassle and you can recover your files safely without damaging any of the computer systems.